Wednesday 27 July 2011

One baby adoption in the UK for every 2,235 abortions – seven times worse than the US

Bill Reichart is a pastor and area director with CMDA, CMF’s US sister organization. He writes a blog called Provocative Church which today carries a brief article on adoption and abortion figures.

He writes:

Planned Parenthood (ie. the equivalent of BPAS and MSI in the UK) may want to spin their purpose as merely providing reproductive health and maternal and child health services but they are unmistakably in the business of abortions.’

‘Taking a look at Planned Parenthood’s latest fact sheet which pulls data from 2009 (it is July, 2011 and they haven’t released any 2010 numbers) and guess what?

Abortions are up and adoption referrals are down.

•332,278 abortions of human embryos and fetuses
•997 adoption referrals

That makes the latest ratio of 333 terminations performed for every adoption referral.'

All of which made me wonder what the comparative figures are like in the UK.

Well in 2009 there were 203,444 abortions on UK residents and just 91 adoptions involving babies under one year.

That’s a ratio of 2,235 abortions performed for every baby adopted.

Or in other words, a ratio almost seven times worse than even the US - which is perhaps why Britain’s new adoption czar says it might be a good idea for women with unwanted pregnancies to consider giving their babies up for adoption.


  1. Peter, thanks for the shout out and repost, especially interesting were the comparative to the UK statistics.

  2. I feel that abortions are so wrong and are totally against my beliefs and i think should be the same for everyone that even thinks about abortion.There are always other alternatives of getting rid of a child that you do not want and getting paid for it.Abortions ends human lives and is murder,anyone that ends a human life like that should be arrested since murder is against the law.

  3. I would change your title to "seven times better". Adoption is a messy, expensive, and deeply traumatic option.

    "it might be a good idea for women with unwanted pregnancies to consider giving their babies up for adoption"

    oh yes, let's encourage people to go to permanently maim themselves through pregnancy when they don't even want a child! great idea! i thought you were supposed to be a caring christian?

  4. However on Radio Four Ms Wootton actually defined it for us. She said, ‘What we do say is that they are dying, that thesbobet
    sboy should be terminally ill and the GMC guidelines define terminally ill as someone who is likely to die in the next 12 months.’

  5. " permanently maim themselves through pregnancy" Really, are you serious? Of course they could avoid the activity that leads to pregnancy ........

  6. Shortcut on Anonymous post @ 00:34 above leads to dodgy site. BEWARE.


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