Wednesday 22 February 2012

Same-sex marriage - 24 articles on all aspects of the UK debate

Britain is coming under increasing pressure to legalise same-sex marriage and Prime Minister David Cameron is determined to drive it through.

A consultation on same-sex marriage closed in Scotland in December 2011 and a new consultation is being launched next month in Westminster to consider how (not if!) legalisation should proceed in England and Wales.

Over the last few months I have published 24 articles on all aspects of this debate which are now grouped together on this page to provide a resource for those interested in engaging with the issues and arguments. I have listed them under six headings.

The legalization of same-sex marriage

1.Ten reasons not to legalise same-sex marriage in Britain
Many people, including Christians, are asking ‘why not?’ An outline of the main arguments

2.Marriage – let’s be clear on the biblical and legal definitions – and fight to retain them
A historical and legal guide to what marriage actually is

3.Why legalizing same-sex marriage will weaken marriage as a social institution
David Blankenhorn’s analysis of current scholarship and research

4.Same sex marriage is a legal can of worms
Why changing the law is not at all straight-forward

5.Draft same sex marriage bill abolishes the terms ‘husband and wife’
The real implications of Stonewall’s proposed law reform

The campaign against the redefinition of marriage

6.Coalition for Marriage Launch - Please sign the petition
A brief outline of the England and Wales campaign with links to launch speech and news debate

7.Please support the current definition of marriage in Scotland
Report on the Scottish campaign against the legalisation of same sex marriage

The benefits of marriage for families and society

8.The blessings of marriage
The real benefits of marriage for families and society

9.New study highlights positive benefits of marriage
The findings of a study of over 250 peer-reviewed journal articles

10.Sexual freedom and relationship breakdown cost Britain £100 billion annually
The real economic cost of marriage breakdown to Britain

11.Couples who cohabit before marriage 45 per cent more likely to split up
The cost of family breakdown is now £41.7 billion

Political and Media interests

12.David Cameron owes the public an explanation as to why he thinks legalising same sex marriage is necessary
The question that our Prime Minister is yet to answer

13.David Cameron’s promotion of the gay rights agenda is based on a false presupposition
The Prime Minister’s agenda and fundamental misunderstandings on this issue

14.David Cameron, by his comments about homosexuality, demonstrates that he does not understand what true tolerance actually is
An evaluation of the Prime Minister’s position on this issue

15.Over half of British Christians would not back Tories if they push for same-sex marriage
Why the government is shooting itself in the foot politically

16.BBC uses distortion, hype, exaggeration and selective reporting to promote gay rights agenda
How our national broadcaster takes sides in this debate

17.Legalisation of same-sex marriage – an orchestrated international campaign funded by national governments
The money and the movements behind this social change

Homosexuality and Bisexuality

18.Do you object to being labelled 'homophobic' when you are actually just 'homosceptic'?
Slogans and category errors - How language can create and perpetuate misunderstandings and stifle debate

19.LGBT community and church at sixes and sevens over bisexuality
Why the popular understanding of gay/straight is fatally flawed

20.Peter Tatchell comes clean that homosexuality is neither biologically determined nor fixed
Leading Gay Rights activist puts a common misconception at the heart of the same sex marriage debate to bed

21.Monty Python, the Australian Open and same-sex marriage
The Gay Rights Movement’s 'struggle against reality'

22.Should ‘gay’ Christians be true to their feelings?
The key differences between homosexual feelings, orientation, identity and behaviour

The church and same sex marriage

23.Deep divisions in church over same-sex marriage going into ‘Marriage Week’
How the battle lines have fallen within the Church of England

24.Faith leaders say marriage and religious freedom are intricately linked
The perspective of American Christian leaders


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