Saturday, 7 September 2013

Christian Medical Comment - one million page views

Christian Medical Comment (CMC) has finally notched up one million page views.

Thanks to all my readers for all your interest, engagement and support.

For those with an interest in such things here is an overview.

CMC was originally launched in December 2009 with a post titled 'Goats and kitchen sinks for Christmas' but I started blogging regularly three years ago this month in September 2010. 

Overall there have been 725 individual posts and just over 1,120,000 page-views – at an average of about 1,380 views per post.

CMC peaked at 3rd in March 2012 in the Religion and Belief category for UK blogs in the e-buzzing rankings and currently stands at 21st. It currently ranks 1,139th amongst 210,000 registered UK blogs.

CMC is a specialist blog majoring on issues at the interface of Christianity and Medicine with specific focus on the beginning and end of life. But my broader aim is to bring issues to the attention of Christians that I believe they should be informed and concerned about.

I write mainly for a Christian readership but many of my readers hold strongly opposing views and frequently take issue with what I say.

35% of readers come from the UK, 30% from the US and 9% from Singapore, Canada, Australia, France and Germany combined with the remaining 26% coming from other countries around the world.

CMC was runner up in the People’s Choice category at the Christian New Media Awards in London in 2012. In 2011 it was a finalist in the Best Christian Blog category and in 2010 it was listed in Jubilee Centre's seven best blogs giving a Christian perspective on social and political issues.

I’m particularly grateful to those other blogs which republish some of my posts giving them wider distribution (especially Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, Mercatornet, Anglican Mainstream, Care Not Killing, LifeSite News, Life News, National Right to Life News and the Official CMF blog) and also to the Christian Institute, Westminster2010 and Christian Concern which frequently link to or quote from them.

My ten most viewed all time posts (accounting for a total of 264,000 page views) are as follows:

1. Do you know what happened to the girl in this iconic Pulitzer prize winning photo from the Vietnam War? 

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  1. Thank you Peter for your faithful work. Your boldness in proclaiming the Bible truth is much needed.