Saturday, 28 September 2013

African woman journalist takes Sir David Attenborough to task for his ‘condescension’, ‘blatant inaccuracies’ and ‘common stereotypes’

Television celebrity Sir David Attenborough (pictured) has come under fire for blaming famine in Africa on population growth and the Catholic Church in a controversial interview reported in the Daily Telegraph.

These latest comments follow the broadcaster’s description of human beings earlier this year as ‘a plague on the Earth that needs to be controlled by limiting population growth’.

Sir David, who is a patron of the Population Matters, has spoken out previously about what he sees as the ‘frightening explosion in human numbers’.

This week in an article posted on Culture of Life Africa, and republished on Life Site News, African woman journalist Obianuju Ekeocha takes the presenter to task for his ‘condescension towards the people of Africa’, his ‘lack of understanding of the African reality’ and for predicating his comments on ‘blatant inaccuracies’ and ‘common  stereotypes’.  

The article is well worth reading in full but here are some highlights:

1. Sir David exhibits the exact alarmist mindset and philosophy that set the Chinese government on the painful path of extreme population control , a path now paved with the blood of millions of innocent unborn babies and soaked with the tears of millions of women coercively deprived of the joy of motherhood (See my previous blog on 160 million Asian women missing as a result of ultrasound and second trimester abortion).

2. The undeniable decline in population, which is now occurring in many western countries where the fertility rate has dropped below replacement rate, is creating all sorts of complex fiscal and economic difficulties associated with population aging, labour shortage, loss of tax revenues, collapse of social welfare systems and general economic decline. This has real consequences that are now slowly but surely paralyzing some of the most powerful countries in the world: growing elderly population, shrinking workforce, increasing health needs and the move into the ‘lonely world of the nursing home’ (See this article and my previous blog on Japan).

3. By contrast in the developing world there are enough children and grandchildren to care for their elderly parents in warm and loving multigenerational households.   A child is not just a mouth to feed, but a specially unique individual with incredible potentials to learn, love and live a life of service to the family and community. Africans encourage marriage, celebrate motherhood and welcome babies because they are a sign of hope for the future. 

4. With more than three times the population density of Ethiopia, there is still abundant food to feed the vast numbers of people living in Great Britain, so how can anyone living therein point an accusing finger to the Ethiopians to control their wildly reproducing population or forever face the scourge of famine? (Famine is Africa is due not to population but to a variety of factors including deforestation, poor farming, climate change and also war, often fought with weapons supplied by the West!)

Ekeocha concludes with an appeal to all the ‘population control minded elite of the western world, who are propagating and pushing their philosophy to the ends of the earth, to please respect the African people in their quest for sustainable authentic growth and development that is consistent and compatible with their Culture of Life.’ Strong words indeed!

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  1. Hello,

    Would you agree that, with the current growth rate of 1.3% a year, the world population doubles roughly every 50 years?
    Do you agree that this would bring us to 14 billions people in 50 years, 25 billions in a century, and so on?
    For example, what are your plans to accomodate 150 billions people on earth in 2250, and one thousand billions in 2400?

    Many thanks for your views on this.

    1. Simple. History has shown that most world civilizations tend to level off in population growth as the society advances of their own accord. Your wuestion is built on the assumption that Earth will continue to have a population growth rate of 3.2% for 387 years with no knowledge of if that will be true or not.

    2. The current growth rate is 1.3%, not 3.2%, as the latter would bring us, in 387 years, to one million three hundred thousand billions people, instead of "just" one thousand billions. That's the difference 2 percentage points make.

      Actually, any fertility rate higher that 2.1 children per woman will bring us to these population sizes on the long run, more or less rapidly depending on the exact number.

      So my question is: how do you convince billions of people to refrain from having three-children families, for the next centuries if not for all future millennia of mankind, without population control?

      Do you think religions will be able to continue to ban contraception, or even abortion, during the next couple centuries?

      A painful change of mindset that will be, that religious leaders should begin to think about, before their teachings are regarded as criminal.


  2. Aged individuals being dumped in nursing homes in the West, rather than being cared for at home by their families, has little to do with the lack of children, and everything to do with the attitudes of selfishness and entitlement that have accompanied the Welfare State - people have forefeited responsibility for their parents, because they think it is the State's responsibility to care for them. They are too self-centred to compromise on their profligate lifestyle, in favour of caring for the aged. That's all there is to it. Having more children isn't going to make them suddenly warm and caring towards their parents. If Welfare were introduced into African countries, you'd have the same situation in a very short while.