Friday, 16 May 2014

Major poll finds three in ten voters will not back Tories due to same-sex marriage

It looks like David Cameron’s decision to redefine marriage seems set to hurt the Conservative Party’s electoral chances in the European elections. 

Almost three in ten voters cite the Prime Minister’s policy on same-sex marriage as the reason why they are not backing the Conservatives.

The poll of over 2,000 people comes ahead of the local and European elections next week.

The ComRes poll:

  • Predicts a UKIP win in the Euro elections, with a scrap between Labour and the Conservatives for second place.
  • Unveils a widespread scepticism about the PM’s motives for introducing gay marriage. Six in ten people believe the Prime Minister introduced same-sex marriage to make the Conservative Party look trendy.
  • Shows that over half of those surveyed don’t believe that Mr Cameron has the determination and power to block any proposals from Europe which would undermine our freedoms.
  • Demonstrates that introducing same-sex marriage not only irked older voters but young people too, with nearly one in four 18-24 year-olds citing it as reason for not voting Conservative in the upcoming European elections.
The detailed poll results are available on the ComRes website

As the Prime Minister was warned at the time, redefining marriage without any mandate from the British people would cost him huge numbers of votes.

The outcome of the vote next week looks set to be fascinating. 

I suspect on the basis of this poll that the redefinition of marriage will be a significant factor.


  1. Those 3 in 10 are generally incorrigible bigots who are also parasites on democracy (because they only care about their own civil rights). Since they aren't swing voters, they aren't relevant.

    1. I thought it wa your side that were the bigots since you discriminate against bi-sexuals by refusing them the right to marry.

    2. Parasites on democracy?

      Now what is done to parasites?

      You terminate them!

      More National Socialist thoughts from chairman Winnie!

    3. Anyone who doesn't care about anyone's civil rights except their own (i.e. YOU) is, by definition, a parasite on democracy.

  2. @ Winston

    I oppose Homosexualism as "incorrigibly" as I do, because I learnt the hard way about the evils homosexuality when I was only eleven years old, back in 1964. But I am not a "floating voter", so much as a non-voter nowadays - albeit willing to make an exception next Thursday. This notwithstanding that I have stood for parliament three times, for a party of which you have probably never heard. Psephologically, my opinions don't matter either, except to the extent that other, less disillusioned voters than me might read my blog, and be influenced by my opinions.

    I have never voted for a Tory candidate in any election to my recollection, and probably never will. So my disgust at the absurd SSM legislation introduced by a Lib-Con coalition, with Lab support, has merely reminded me not to be seduced by Toryism in my old age. I am not part of the 30%. I am a non-Tory - a NEVER Tory voter, who has learnt new reasons to use my influence, to my dying day, to make other Brit voters to use their brains, and never again to vote for any candidate at all nominated by what I called, in 2005 BBC interview, "the Lib Lab Con Trick".

    1. And what are these "evils" that you have discovered, Oh Brilliant One?

    2. Winnie - I've suddenly realised why your posts are boring. Given that you are unable to think through the issues to their sociological conclusions - you mock, sneer and hurl abuse at your opponents.

      I have therefore concluded that your mind is a product of the 'yelling street' - and behind that lies a poor education.


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