Monday, 9 May 2011

Margo Macdonald MSP should concentrate on targeting loan sharks rather than advancing euthanasia

I see that Margo MacDonald has been re-elected as a member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) and has vowed to revive proposals for a law to legalise ‘assisted dying’ (a specious euphemism for assisted suicide and euthanasia).

Her previous End of Life Assistance (Scotland) bill was overwhelmingly voted down by an 85-16 majority in November 2010 during the last parliament amidst concerns about the dangers it posed to elderly and disabled people.

Lest we forget why Margo’s bill was quite rightly rejected I have re-linked my previous blogs on the matter here.

Margo Macdonald’s criticisms of the Care Not Killing Alliance are without foundation

The Committee scrutinizing Margo Macdonald's Bill have rejected it – now it is time for MSPs finally to bury it

Margo Macdonald MSP is seriously misleading the Scottish Parliament over the number of deaths her bill would allow

I see that Margo has also set out plans to introduce legislation that would crack down on firms lending money to people at exorbitant rates of interest.

That would be a good thing – Britain’s whole approach to interest and debt needs a radical rethink as brilliantly argued by Paul Mills in his recent Cambridge Paper.

Let’s hope that she concentrates on that rather than wasting more parliamentary time and money trying to revive her dangerous euthanasia bill.

Economic recession plus a law allowing euthanasia and assisted suicide would provide a deadly cocktail that might push many vulnerable people over the edge into ending their lives so as not to be a financial burden on others.

Measures to alleviate debt and finanical exploitation should be the real priority.


  1. Terrible site!!! It wasn't helpful at all. I'm totally against it. Murder is a sin. I won’t visit again for updates. Stop the violence!

  2. I do think other people's opinions should be considered.... Death is not discussed enough in our society... There should be a right to die with sufficient safeguards built in.... The argument is that vulnerable people would be pressured... What about the rights of the terminally ill and those with no quality of life... Yes ... if they choose to stay alive fine... but there should be a choice.... I watched my wife and my father suffer and this should not happen... It took three days before my wife died...effectively starving her to death with no food or water... My father was coughing up bile and was in a terribly distressed state and again took days to die... There must be an alternative and not just those who believe in life dictating to everyone... I believe that the politicians fear losing their seats (which would not happen) If everyone was asked their opinion I know that the result would be a surprise. Apart from the young who do not think about death, the vast majority of those who I have talked to on this subject say they would prefer to have the choice of assisted suicide when the diagnosis is terminal or when the quality of life is such that there is no dignity left....Think again....


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