Saturday, 21 May 2011

We don't hear much about xenotransplantation these days

A transgenic porker from Spain
Went out for a stroll in the rain
But being slow of learning, she took a wrong turning
And strayed in the path of a train

An English vet (on his vacation)
Skilled in porcine resuscitation
Established perfusion with colloid infusion
And quickly arranged transportation

Unfortunately (as it transpired)
The pig's brainstem soon had expired
And so the debate regarding the fate
Of its humanoid organs was fired

Possessed by a motive ulterior
The media whipped up hysteria
An animal activist spiked the intensivists'
IV with potent bacteria

The specialists opted to treat
But riots began in the street
Amidst the delay, the sow passed away
Thus making the drama complete


  1. Is this your own effort, or are you quoting someone else?

  2. The words are my own (from some time ago) but the photo sadly is borrowed.

  3. In that case, well done - really rather clever!


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