Friday, 2 September 2011

The Guardian is now censoring comments I make on articles which mention me on its website – how liberal of them

The Guardian tonight has posted an article titled ‘Anti-abortion bid in disarray as critics rally’.

I tried to post the following comment but have learnt that my comments on the Guardian are now (for the very first time) ‘pre-moderated’. Most interesting!

I wonder if they will post it and when. I have never had a comment on the Guardian pre-moderated before and many other comments by others have been posted without moderation.

The article actually mentions me by name. Clearly they now want to censor responses. How liberal of them!

My comment

The above article creates the impression that Dorries/Field, by trying to ensure that women get an offer of counseling independent from the publicly-funded abortion industry, would be forcing them out of the ‘market’. The reality is that they already have an unassailable stranglehold on it.

In 1991 the NHS funded 9,197 abortions carried out by the private sector in England and Wales. By 2010 that figure had risen to 111,775 - an increase of over 1100%. In 1991 the NHS funded 10% of abortions carried out by the private sector. By 2010 that figure had risen to 93% - a total of over £60 million of taxpayers money was paid out. The growth of NHS-funded but privately-provided abortions (BPAS/MSI etc) entirely accounted for this increase.

In addition every accredited pregnancy advice bureau is already linked to this industry and advised by the RCOG whose members carry out most abortions.

This sort of monopoly would not be tolerated in any other ‘service’ area but it is precisely this status quo that Cameron under the influence of Clegg/Harris/Unions has sought to cement to the cheers of the Guardian and the criticism of the Telegraph.

How private abortion providers gained a stranglehold on taxpayer-funded abortions under the last government -

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Amendment giving women option of independent abortion counseling is a step in the right direction -

Evan Harris outwits David Cameron in abortion about-face to appease powerful pro-abortion lobby -


  1. I'm with you. This hysteria is bizarre

    1. The Guardian have always 'moderated' remarks. Mine (on another issue, the hazards of homosexual perform, backed up by evidence) were very rapidly taken and I have been banned.

  2. Thanks. When I tried to post my comment (ten minutes after the article went up at 2039) there were three comments on the site. Now there are 69 and mine has still not appeared! Spooky or what! The illiberal liberals strike again stamping out any dissent or discussion.

  3. Now 2250 and 138 comments in two hours largely from rabid pro-abortionists but still no sign of mine. Off to bed.

  4. Has your comment appeared yet Peter, or are you still censored?

  5. I've had a brief scan through the comments and didn't spot your name. It's possible that I've simply overlooked you.

    If you're still censored, then I'll blog this also.

  6. The Guardian have always 'moderated' comments. Mine (on another issue, the dangers of homosexual practice, backed up by evidence) were very quickly removed and I have been banned.

  7. What are they so terrified of Jill? It's truly pathetic. They do the same with those that seek to defend Israel.

  8. Hi Stuart,

    I have just checked again at 0950. My comments have still not been posted although 343 others have. When I log in there is a note on the page in red to say that my comments are premoderated - so yes this is deliberate censorship of me personally.

    I think it is because I put a comment up a day or two ago that brought a lot of traffic through to my site. This page has had about 220 pageviews since last night but would have had many more had I got the link in. If you can draw attention to the arguments elsewhere or link this then please do. I am going to be offline most of today travelling

    This is very frustrating because the main arguments they are using are easily refuted. They have a monopoly not just on abortion counselling but also on discussion about it.

    Every blessing


  9. Peter,

    What is the big deal? If they are censoring your comments alone out of all the other thousands, then why not get one of your CMF members to post it there for you? That way you will get around this illiberal nonsense (imagine - the Guardian claim to be such a liberal newspaper!) and give your postings the exposure they need. Anyway, I have gone ahead and posted it under my own name - I have mentioned that they are your comments, of course.


  10. Stuart,

    I hope you do not mind my asking, but I read your blog just now. It says you are converting to catholic - from what? Were you not a christian before?


  11. This is disgraceful. I've blogged on this.

  12. I received an email (International, I believe) from Care2 yesterday.

    They have completely got the wrong end of the stick and are just not understanding what the main points are at all!

    They wanted me to sign a petition to urge the UK Parliament to vote this down. They are incensed to think that abortionists should be blocked from providing 'advice'.

    I could get this if we were seeking to have people locked up and imprisoned for being pregnant, but Dorries/Field are simply seeking to give vulnerable women MORE choice and information, not less.

    And even IF in the process, some women CHOSE to not abort after all, why is that seen as so wrong???

    Truly this country is getting more ridiculously lost and hopeless by the day. Heaven help us!


  13. Looking at the message that you tried to post it had a lot of links. I have noticed on newspaper websites before that when you add links they go into a moderation queue (which I don't think gets looked at!). Could this have been the problem?

  14. No. I have posted articles with links on the Guardian site before and still can if I use another email address. The block is definitely on my main personal email address and a warning of 'pre-moderation' appears on the input box even before I have posted anything, with or without links.

  15. I was disappointed before reading this article, but now I am an optimist.
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  16. I'm now on the 'pre-moderated' list. So much for "Comment-is-free" line. I teach history outside Dachau, so to be put on a list for are really tame comments is deeply troubling.


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