Friday 8 April 2011

Oh no I've been rumbled! They got me!

All over the blogosphere today is the report that a super-sleuth blogger called Unity, who writes for two left-wing blogs called Liberal Conspiracy and Ministry of Truth, has uncovered a powerpoint presentation that I gave at a public meeting on the subject of abortion back in 2006.

I've been rumbled!

Apparently I am working secretly to reform the Abortion Act and have even been in communication with other people with similar aims. Shock!

I would like to pay public tribute to Unity (not his real name) for a truly outstanding piece of detective work!

He has masterfully retrieved a piece of work that has been in the public domain and distributed to anyone who has asked for it for over four years!

In future Unity could save himself a lot of trouble by visiting the CMF website. There he will find over 25,000 documents on a whole variety of issues at the interface of Christianity and medicine all of which can be downloaded freely.

In future if he or any other reader would like any other information written by me or published by the Christian Medical Fellowship I hope they will feel free to ask for it in the normal way.

And if they would like my opinion on a whole variety of other issues they are very welcome to check out this blog.

In so doing they will discover that I have for many years been working to restrict abortion, prevent the legalisation of euthanasia, ban animal-human hybrids, prevent HIV, protect human embryos, support developing world medical work, raise money for victims of natural disasters, oppose human trafficking, support minimum price for alcohol, encourage exercise, promote just trade, aid and debt policies, teach people about Jesus Christ etc etc.

My views on these matters are not secret and are easily deduced from what I have said and written.

Amazingly, to make it even easier, I even write under my own name! Now there's a radical suggestion.


  1. ...It advocates pursuing a long-term strategy of seeking chip away at the UK’s existing abortion laws.

    Completely unlike what the pro-abortion lobby have been doing in the opposite direction. At least the Pro-lifers have been honest about their intentions. Dear God they make this claim as if temporarily halting the prevailing pathologically nihilistic attitude to life would have us deny operations for ectopic pregnancies.

    The most depressing thing is that they are winning the debate, not because they are right, but because it is more convenient if they are.

  2. 'Liberal Conspiracy' is an interesting blog. I see from the about page at that there are 31 regular contributors.

    I note that 28 of them have names and that three write under pseudonyms including Unity, who is apparently ‘a member of the Labour party’.

    I’m always suspicious of people who won’t use their real names. They usually have something to hide. It always makes me curious.

    Is anyone able to tell me who Unity is? I would like to know given that he has shown such an interest in what I have written.

    If its too sensitive to write his real name here then please email me at

    Many thanks

  3. PS If you are happy to write Unity's real name here so that others can see it as well, but prefer us not to know who you are then please feel free to use a pseudonym :-)


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