Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Christian Medical Comment – 200,000 page-views

Christian Medical Comment (CMC) was launched in December 2009 with a post titled ‘Goats and kitchen sinks for Christmas’ but I started blogging regularly in September 2010.

For those who like that sort of thing here are some stats.

Overall there have been 360 individual posts and just over 200,000 page-views – at an average of about 550 views per post.

CMC has been ranked in the 20 top UK blogs in the Religion and Belief category in the wikio rankings for the last eight months and currently stands at 5th. It ranks 256th overall amongst wikio’s over 210,000 registered blogs.

CMC was a finalist in the 2011 Christian New Media Awards in the ‘Best Christian Blog’ Category and was listed in the Jubilee Centre's seven best blogs giving a Christian perspective on social and political issues in November 2010.

CMC is a specialist blog majoring on issues at the interface of Christianity and Medicine with specific focus on the beginning and end of life. But my broader aim is to bring issues to the attention of Christians that I believe they should be informed and concerned about.

60% of readers come from the UK, 15% from the US and 7.5% from Canada, Australia, Germany, Russia and Ireland with the remaining 17.5% coming from other countries around the world.

I’m particularly grateful to those other blogs which republish some of my posts giving them wider distribution (especially Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, Mercatornet, Anglican Mainstream, Care Not Killing, LifeSite News, National Right to Life News and the Official CMF blog) and also to the Christian Institute, Westminster2010 and Christian Concern which frequently link to or quote from them.

My ten most popular all time posts, with 24,309 views between them, are as follows:

1. Fantastic Interview – Chilean Mining Rescue
2. Twenty facts we did not learn from Terry Pratchett
3. I’m coming out as a homosceptic
4. Ireland victory in the rugby world cup
5. Powerful arguments in UK Parliament for independent pregnancy counseling
6. Euthanasia Bills defeated around the world
7. Hospital kills wrong twin in selective abortion
8. Peter Tatchell comes clean about homosexuality
9. Chilean Miner’s t-shirt gives glory to Jesus Christ
10. BMJ gives platform to Secular Medical Forum to attack CMF

The most popular posts in the last week are listed on the right.

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