Sunday, 7 November 2010

Two simple ideas for your pastor that will turn your church upside down – from the Lausanne 3 Congress at Cape Town

In the Multiplex session on ‘People at Work’ at the Lausanne 3 Congress in Cape Town last month, someone asked the panel what single idea they could suggest that would turn their church upside down in terms of its thinking about whole church ministry and helping to overcome the sacred secular divide.

The first idea was to run a three minute slot every Sunday during the morning service titled ‘This time tomorrow’.

Every week a different member of the congregation would be called up to be interviewed by the pastor about their work and asked three simple questions.

What will you be doing this time tomorrow? What challenges do you currently face at work? How can we pray for you?

Then the pastor would ask the congregation ‘hands up if you personally identify with any of what has just been said’

The pastor would then briefly pray for the person in question.

The second idea was for the pastor to visit one different member of his congregation at work each week.

That’s it! Those who shared the ideas claimed that putting them into practice had turned their churches upside down.

Why not suggest them to your pastor?

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