Sunday 7 November 2010

Christian Medical Comment blog – the first 50 posts

The Christian Medical Comment blog was launched in December 2009 with a post titled ‘Goats and kitchen sinks for Christmas’ but it has been most active over the last two months.

With this post the blog is now 50 posts old.

The most popular post so far was one on the Chilean miners.

The most common subject covered (with 14 posts) has been euthanasia and assisted suicide but overall the blog has covered issues in 20 different categories as outlined below.

About 60% of viewers come from the UK and a further 20% from the US with the next countries in order of frequency being Canada, Australia, Russia, Finland and South Africa.

The list of topics covered so far is given below:

Abortion - 6
Assisted suicide and euthanasia - 14
Christian healthcare - 1
Christian mission - 1
Church - 1
Contraception - 1
Developing world healthcare - 3
Drugs and alcohol - 1
Environment - 1
Evangelism - 2
General Interest - 2
Infertility - 1
Obesity - 1
Poverty and justice - 2
Religious freedom - 1
Resource allocation - 1
Sexuality and sexual health - 2
Stem cells and cloning - 4
Testimony - 4
This blog - 2

Many thanks to all my readers.

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