Saturday 14 January 2012

Legalisation of same-sex marriage – an orchestrated international campaign funded by national governments

According to recent reports the US government and European Commission (the executive body of the European Union) are funding attempts to legalise same sex marriage worldwide.

Britain is coming under increasing pressure to legalise same-sex marriage. A consultation on same-sex marriage closed in Scotland in December 2011 and a new consultation is being launched in February in Westminster to consider legalisation in England and Wales.

The legalization of same sex marriage has the backing of leaders of all three main parties – David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband.

But these moves in Britain are actually part of an international campaign.

Since 2001 ten countries have legalized same sex marriage: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, and Sweden. As of 2012, proposals exist to introduce same-sex marriage in at least ten other countries.

Many more (including Britain) have legalized ‘civil unions’ (or civil partnerships) which give same sex couples essentially all the rights and privileges of married couples.

In addition six US states have legalized same sex marriage since 2004 (Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont), although, as of June 2011, 12 states prohibit it via statute and 29 via the state's constitution.

This dramatic shift over the last ten years has occurred as the result of a carefully orchestrated and heavily funded international campaign.

But many will be surprised at how much of this money comes from national governments.

As part of a worldwide campaign to promote global acceptance of homosexuality, the Obama administration has just established a $3 million ‘Global Equality Fund’ to fund homosexual political ‘advocacy’ around the world at taxpayers’ expense.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton trumpeted the formation of the group in a speech she delivered in Geneva in December.

The Global Equality Fund is only one small part of an ambitious agenda to recast all U.S. foreign policy to support the LGBT cause around the world. Also in December, Barack Obama issued a presidential memorandum instructing foreign embassies to ‘expand efforts to combat discrimination, homophobia, and intolerance on the basis of LGBT status or conduct’ in their host countries.

According to another report last month, national governments are also funding similar moves in Europe.

European human rights lawyer J.C. von Krempach has taken a close look at the funding stream of the International Gay and Lesbian Association – Europe (ILGA) and concluded that most of their money comes indirectly from national governments.

ILGA is an advocacy group promoting homosexual rights for whom the legalization of same sex marriage is a key campaign objective (See map on the ILGA Europe website).

Writing in the foreign policy blog Turtle Bay and Beyond, von Krempach found a vast majority of ILGA’s funds come from just two governmental entities, the European Commission and the Dutch government.

Von Krempach discovered (from information on the IGLA website) that in the year just ended, the European Commission, an intergovernmental entity, provided fully 68% of ILGA’s budget. The Dutch government provided an additional €50,000 bringing ILGA’s governmental funding up to 71%. The rest of ILGA’s funding comes from left-wing donors George Soros, Sigrid Rausing, and one anonymous donor.

Von Krempach also points out the anomaly of the European Commission being the largest sole funding source for a group set up to lobby the European Commission and the European Parliament. He says this is basically the European Institutions lobbying itself.

In light of this new information, it is expected the UN NGO Committee, which previously blocked ILGA’s accreditation, will take up the issue once more. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) accredited to the United Nations must show actual people or non-profits, such as foundations, fund them. The UN holds that if their money comes mostly from governments that would make them governmental entities.

To what degree does the UK government contribute indirectly to this state of affairs?

The European Union’s 2011 budget shows that out of a total income of €126.5 bn , €12.9 bn, or just over 10%, comes from the UK. 75% of the total budget comes from the 27 member countries’ governments.

Far be it from me to suggest any restriction on the freedom of gay rights activists to campaign democratically for same sex marriage legislation wherever they might choose.

But shouldn’t they be using their own money to do it – rather than being given funds derived from national governments’ tax receipts?



  2. Why not emigrate to an African state where everyone feels as strongly about the gays as much as you do? There has been a dramatic shift in public opinion and in this country you are losing the argument.

  3. I think it's a bit early to be counting chickens.

  4. I think it says something highly negative about you personally, Peter, when you dedicate (with labels in your articles no less!) an entire section of your blog to the sexuality of others.

    Does it, I don't know, make you feel uneasy, angry or sad?

    Knowing gays are that ever bit more determined to be fully equal in this, our multi-faith, multi-race, multi-lifestyle society?

    Knowing that they won't give up because they're finally being treated as equal to everybody else?

    Knowing that no, they won't just accept decriminalisation of what they are but actually want to play as full a part in society as everyone else?

    Knowing that there are people out there, not just in Britain, but the world over, who actually SYMPATHISE with gay people and their determination to be viewed as what they are, namely normal?

    Knowing that yours is an increasingly absurd worldview, anchored not in eternal truth as you say but in good-old fashioned dogma, and that more and more people are turning away from it as they are exposed to ever more members of their own race?

    Knowing that governments across the world have seen the way that gays (i.e., human beings) are treated and aspire to see that discrimination and bigotry against them stop?

    Evidently this knowledge does concern you. If not that, it angers you. And for that, Sir: I pity you.

  5. Sexuality and sexual behaviour, like most other issues, are up for discussion in a free society. And people take different views on them.

    It is not helpful to label people who sincerely disagree with you as bigots. It is far better to respect their point of view and put up intelligent counter-arguments than to resort to labels, accusations and ad hominem attacks.

    I agree with you that it is not helpful to fear or hate any group of human beings and I can assure you that I do not fear or hate people who experience same sex attraction or participate in same sex erotic behaviour. I have never done so and I resent your implying that I do.

    In fact I would describe myself as ‘homosceptic’; simply believing that same sex erotic behaviour is morally wrong and that gay activists base their arguments on a number of questionable and largely unproven presuppositions– see

    I see a very clear difference between same sex feelings or orientation on the one hand and same sex erotic behaviour on the other. This is a position held by literally millions of intelligent people which I hope, although personally disagreeing with it, you can respect – see

    If you are genuinely up for discussing these issues then do come back to me.

  6. "homosceptic" - probably the most disturbing word I have ever seen in my life.

    "same sex erotic behaviour is morally wrong" - how can something over which many have no choice be morally wrong? How dare you even pass judgement if both involved are consenting adults? Why do you even think about this? I don't care if you say same gays choose to be, the majority I've met are naturally gay.

    "this is a position held by literally millions of intelligent people which I hope, although personally disagreeing with it, you can respect" - why should it be respected? It's an utterly absurd view to hold. Again, why do you give a toss what consenting men and women get up to in their bedrooms? Just what right do you have to judge? There's nothing intelligent about the position you hold at all! It's just moralising, curtain-twitching claptrap.

    Where's the intelligence in making a moral judgement about a consenting adult's sex life?

    Newton gave us the Theory of Gravity.
    Einstein gave us the Theory of Relativity.

    You've given society "homoscepticism".

    The first two required observation, consideration, rationality, and a scientific approach.

    Yours is just a knee-jerk moral judgement cloaked in cleaner language.

    You're not intelligent, sir, you're disingenuous.

  7. how can something over which many have no choice be morally wrong?

    I don't have a choice in that I am attracted to others wives. Just because I don't have a choice in the way I feel doesn't make it right to act on that feeling. No doubt Ted Bundy didn't have a choice in what he felt but he should never have acted out what he felt. No doubt you will have something else to say. But the only point I would like to make is that just because you don't have a choice in how you feel this does not mean acting on it is okay.

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