Sunday 6 May 2012

Some fascinating reads I've tweeted this morning

Nothing like a spot of early morning wilfing!

Here are some interesting reads I've tweeted this morning from @drpetersaunders

1. Eggs from beautiful Eastern Europeans, sperm from wealthy Westerners and embryos implanted in desperate Indian women - Frightening expose of the growing world of international commercial surrogacy to follow up on recent CMF File

2. Inconceivable! Mother spends £40,000 on IVF to have son only to fall pregnant naturally a year later - Shows to what length some people are going to have a baby but with an ironic twist

3. The impoverishment and marginalization of Palestinian Christians reflects badly on Israeli Jews and Palestinian Muslims - A Lebanese article with some amazing statistics on the shrinking population of a forgotten people - Palestinian Christians

4. Cameron 'prepared to back down on support for gay marriage law to appease MPs over Tories' pasting at the polls' - More follow up on yesterday's climbdown by no ten as the C4M petition approaches half a million

5. Supporters of euthanasia & abortion 'use the same arguments as the Nazi's did to promote genocide', says Vatican paper - The Vatican reports on Binding and Hoche's classic book which has just been translated into Italian - forgotten history everyone should know

6. China’s very real war on women mirrors Obama’s war for women’s reproductive rights less state compulsion - If you have not been following the story of Chen, the Chinese dissident imprisoned for opposing his country's one child policy and the limp response of the US government, this will give you some useful background and a new perspective

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